As a community, we all learn from each other every day.  However, in that effort, some negative feeling can come out

We, as coaches, try to teach our community members quality over quantity. How you do anything is how you do everything, etc.

Sometimes, people do less reps (whether on purpose or not).  Sometimes people don’t go full range of motion on movements. It is our job to coach them. If they can’t do a full push up from the ground, it is our job to put them on a box so they can do a full range of motion pushup.

It is your job to listen to us, and let us coach you. To let us make you better.

It doesn’t make anyone any less of a good person if they don’t go full ROM, or miscount reps. It just means they have some things they need to work on physically, mentally and emotionally. They may be fighting demons you don’t know about and battles you can’t imagine. Maybe they are working on becoming a better human being (and maybe you don’t know it’s a process). Maybe every day they look in the mirror and don’t like who is looking back at them.

We are all here to get fit, have fun, be healthy, sweat and learn a little about ourselves every day. That is the gold. Don’t forget that.

We don’t have an enormous problem here at Dash (compared to other gyms) but once in a while you may see a score that looks impossible.  I encourage you to focus on yourself. Focus on your movement.  Focus on your score (if you should so choose).

Be proud of the work you put in. You deserve it, and don’t let what other people do effect your own happiness.  You can’t control what happens in this life, you can only control how you react to what happens.  We must all find happiness intrinsically within our own actions. We can never find happiness by looking to the outside.

Our score on Triib does not define us, it is merely there to serve as a marker for improvement for ourselves.

We are all in this together. If you look hard enough there are always lessons to be learned and lessons to be taught.  While you will never see us as leadership going on witch hunts calling people out and burning people at the stake, please don’t mistake that for not caring. We absolutely do.

Just understand we are in the process of teaching lessons everyday. Some of those lessons take longer to teach than others.

We love each and every one of you.