You all have done amazing things at the gym and in your personal lives! We have to remain humble in our wins and success.

But most of all we always have to know ourselves and know who we truly are. Full transparency it’s hard running a business and being an owner. I struggle a lot with criticism it makes me question myself every time I hear someone that feels like an attack and causes very bad days.

I always have to remind myself and pray that I am always doing the right thing and serving my purpose here. In doing so, I know my heart is in the right place and my identity.

I have a constant battle reminding myself my priorities are my faith, my wife, family, and then my business in that order.

You are going to have people bring you down in your personal life and in your fitness journey.

People that don’t notice any change when you have been working your butt off for months. And it’s usually the people you want to hear it from the most. Or you might get someone telling you, you simply can’t achieve (insert your goal).

Don’t let others penetrate your heart. Know your own vision and always know you have the right intentions and you will win!

We are here to support you and celebrate your wins!

My goal/vision is very simple:

“For the one our you spend with us at CrossFit Dash to be the best one hour of your day!”

That starts with our community knowing this is a safe place where people can bring all their insecurities and feel loved every day!

Blake Ruff