Have you ever said, “I would never spend $100 or more on CrossFit?” You’re not alone… but do you really know what you’re getting for your money? Many times people compare CrossFit gyms to Planet Fitness, LA Fitness, Lifetime Fitness, or another globo gym, but that is simply comparing apples to oranges. So let’s break down the differences between the two:




You walk into your local globo gym and perhaps the front desk person greets you with a simple “hello,” never knowing what your actual name is. Then you scan your card and you are officially on your own. You throw on your brand-new headphones, crank up the music and hope people will leave you alone while you try getting your workout in.


You open the door and the coach yells your name, “Hey Jim! So great to see you! How did that big business meeting go for you today?” You are amazed that he remembered about that meeting you mentioned being stressed about last week. You go into detail about the meeting and thank him for showing interest. Two seconds later another member greets you, “Jim we missed you on Tuesday! You missed a killer workout that had all of your favorite movements in it. We should do it some time together. I would love to see how fast you could do it in!”  After only 5 short minutes minutes, you feel loved and valued not just as a member of a gym, but as a part of a community of friends!



You found a new Men’s Health or Women’s Health workout routine online from your favorite actor/actress that promises you will “GET SHREDDED IN 30 DAYS!” Now its day 15 and you see zero changes. All of your clothes fit the same. You even take a selfie picture in the gym locker room… NOTHING! So you go back to your old ways, gravitating to the machines you know and are comfortable with. The only issue is that you have reached your peak on the results you’re going to see from that machine since you do it every other day and now you are stuck in a plateau from never mixing up your workout routine.


Every hour is perfectly planned out for you from the warmup to the gymnastics skill work to the strength workout and lastly, to the conditioning. There’s even an app to see what you’re doing that day before you come in. All you have to do is SHOW UP! Every day is different from the day before and the workouts are going to give you RESULTS! WHY? Because they are always changing and they incorporate every aspect of fitness. Did I mention you have a certified COACH that guides you through every part of the workout?  It’s almost like having a personal trainer for 5-20 people at one time but without the cost of a personal trainer!

During the one hour class, you will see movements ranging from: gymnastics, powerlifting, body weight movements, olympic lifting, running, rowing, biking, and core work. There is never an area of fitness or the body that doesn’t get attention during your one hour class. Results are inevitable and all that is required is hard work and time.



You got to the gym at 6:00 PM…the one time of day you always dread going. You planned to get that “PUMP” today with that good ‘ole CHEST and TRICEP workout. Girls, if you are reading this replace that with your favorite glute workout. Let’s be honest…we haven’t hit legs in three weeks, but summer is coming and you’ll be in a swimsuit soon. The only issue is that EVERY other guy in the gym is trying to do the same workout routine…bench, cable machine, incline bench, chest pec fly, and then there is always that one guy that is doing some new move that you’ll probably see on YouTube later for some comedic relief. It has been almost an hour and you haven’t gotten anything done because you feel too awkward asking to mix in with them. Your 1 hour workout just became 2 hours and you only did half of what you had planned.


Coach calls over the 5:30 class today. Wow! 20 people showed up today the class is going to be AWESOME! You can tell there is so much energy in the room. You notice there are three or four other members that are very comparable in your skill level that are really going to push you to do your best today. You go over the announcements which include all of the fun stuff coming up at the gym like that group outing you have been looking forward to at the end of the month!

Time for the warmup. The coach leads you through a dynamic warmup including some light stretching, jogging, and calisthenics to get the blood flowing. Now it is time for the strength work and today’s strength is ten minutes to find your one rep max push jerk. You haven’t maxed out your push jerk in 3 monthsand today you’re feeling great! When you get towards that new PR, everyone is huddled around your bar cheering you on. YOU HIT A NEW PR and EVERYONE in the class gives you a high five and says how proud of you they are.

Next up is the skill work which is bar muscle up transitions. You have been getting so close to getting your firstbar muscle up! Your coach takes a video of your muscle up while you give it 100% and get SO CLOSE. Although you didn’t achieve your first muscle up today, the coach sends you the video to watch and gives you three things to work on this month so you’ll get that skill in NO TIME! You got some direct feedback on the things you need to work on in order to get that goal of your first muscle up.

Finally, the WOD (Workout of the Day)… where all the magic happens of losing weight, getting lean and becoming fit. Today’s workout is a 15 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of a 400m run, 20 burpees, and 10 deadlifts. Seems simple on paper, but you know anything that looks easy usually ends up being the hardest. You get 4 rounds + 400 m run. You record your score in the app and notice you beat your score from two months ago! You know that you are getting fitter because you’re able to track your individual progress as well as participate in some friendly competition with your friends at the gym!




Your phone rings…it’s your significant other. They are wondering how you can still be at the gym 2.5 hours later! They are now impatiently waiting for you to arrive home to eat dinner. You hurry up and finish the last set of tricep extensions then run out the door to head home.


Workout is finished, YOU KILLED IT! You high five everyone in the class telling them great job, and that you CAN’T WAIT TO GET BACK TOMORROW! You pack up your things while saying goodbye to everyone. The coach runs over to you…”Jim you killed it today, can’t wait to see you back tomorrow… Don’t forget to write that new push Jerk PR up on the PR Board so we can brag about you on our social media page to all your friends!” You leave the gym feeling like a million bucks with a huge smile on your face. It was the best hour of your day!


CrossFit could better be compared to personal training in terms of the value, programming, coaching, and structure you get. CrossFit will cost anywhere from ($100-$160) monthly depending on how many times per week you attend vs. personal training which will cost upwards of $720 per month for three times a week ($60/45min session). That’s a $560/month savings AND you get to be with an amazing group of members that are going to push you further than what you thought you were every capable of!

Home Gym:

Maybe you’re the person that says I will just buy all my own equipment and I can workout whenever I want. Usually this is the person that has a treadmill or old equipment sitting in their basement or garage that they bought a while back and it still has never been used. Home gyms actually take a lot of dedication to use, simply because it is too convenient!  You put off the workout…. an hour goes by and you tell yourself 30 more minutes untill it becomes too late. The week has come to an end and you realize you only got one workout in and you’re not using the equipment. So now you put it up on FB marketplace for someone to come buy it for 50% off!

The price of a year membership of Unlimited CrossFit would be close to $1900. Compare that to buying VERY limited essential equipment: a rower ($900), barbell ($300), weights ($500), and a squat rack ($500) which totals to $2200. Now you have your own limited gym, but you also have a very limited choice of workouts! Now you miss the community that made you fall in love with the sport of CrossFit in the first place. After working out for some time on your own, you have resorted back to your old ways of bad technique and form because you’re no longer receiving good coaching and direct feedback. You are missing that expert eye and cues to correct form and technique flaws. Now it is going take more time to fix the bad habits when you come back to the gym than the time it took to create them on your own! I would simply ask you if you are someone considering a home gym, do you think you are in the top 10% of the world that moves so well that you do not need coaching? Even the fittest man on the earth, Matt Fraser, goes to the gym because he wants to learn and become a better athlete by working out with others at the same skill level to push him harder than he would go on his own.


I know what some of you might say. “I have been to a CrossFit Gym before and it was never like anything you have said! Actually the Coach was mean, the members wouldn’t even say hi to me, and worst of all I got HURT cause nobody was watching me!” My simple response would be…you went to the wrong CrossFit gym where they didn’t value coaching, member experience, and community. Outside of being with your family, going to the gym should be the BEST HOUR of your day! CrossFit is unlike any other workout experience you will ever have and best of all, you will get the results you’re looking for!

During that one hour, you will relieve stress, lose weight, get leaner, and get to be a part of a community! Price is determined by value and experience. So ask yourself, would you rather pay $35-$50 a month to go to a place where you have no human interaction and never get the results that you’re looking for? OR would you rather pay a little more for RESULTS and a place where you get coached, encouraged, uplifted, become more confident and look better?

During that one hour, you will relieve stress, lose weight, getting leaner, and be apart of a community! Price is determined by value and experience, would you rather pay $35-$50 a month where you have no human interaction while never getting the results that you’re looking for. OR would you rather pay a little more for RESULTS while being coached, feeling encouraged, uplifted, confident, and look better?