Know Why You’re Eating

Last week we practiced paying attention to our hunger cues. Only eating when our body said it was time to eat and, putting it away when it said it was full.  Well, how’d you do?  Some may have noticed that you ate outside of when your body said to.  Did you eat because the clock said noon and that meant you were hungry, or you had a hard day and needed a cookie to sooth the pain, perhaps you were lonely and thought a pizza could make you laugh, or maybe you were feeling sad or angry and thought a glass of wine would make you sleepy and put those feelings to bed?  We all do it, you are not the only one and you’re not crazy!

Those habits bring us to principal #2…Not responding to emotional wants but, responding to physical needs!  This principle continues to work with the first, paying attention to physical hunger cues. We can start to connect the underlying issues of what makes us overeat or use food inappropriately to soothe emotions.  

Mindfulness is being aware of your thoughts, emotions and physical sensations in the present moment.  Just being aware can help you change.  Therefore, this week we’ll continue to bring attention to our physical cues such as stomach growling, low energy or the feeling of lightheadedness to tell us when we’re hungry.  If you find yourself reaching for food for any other reason other than being hungry, I challenge you to find another way to ward of that temptation with food.  Food will not make you happy, it won’t be a good friend, and it won’t make the pain subside.  Instead;  journal, walk your dog, read a good book, listen to music or go to DASH and lift heavy weight.  

Know the difference between your body’s hunger signals and your emotional hunger triggers.

Your Fitness Coach,

Terra Haag